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A intelligent method and system to display CAPTCHA to people Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248706D
Publication Date: 2016-Dec-28
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This article describes an intelligent and secure method to help older people to understand and recognize CAPTCHA. This method includes how to generate CAPTCHA based on user's profile, transfer it into voice, and interact with the end user.

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A intelligent method and system to display CAPTCHA to people

More and more people are buying on the Internet, both young and older people, and older people are becoming more and more interested in buying in the Internet, but they are facing the CAPTCHA recognizing issue, for these older people, their eye vision are usually not good enough to distinguish the characters on the CAPTCHA.

1. User choose to turn on the intelligent CAPTCHA characters distinguish function in the user account center in the system, allowing the system to change the showing CAPTCHA images to be more intelligent. 2. User try to recognize the CAPTCHA characters but failed many times, the system detect this failure and get conclusion that this user needs help. 3. Based on the user data( user information and account buy history, user IP and order address), the system concludes that the user is older people and needs help. 4. The system changes from the CAPTCHA characters to voice distinguish, indicates user that the system will use voice distinguish. The system will guide user to input characters in the voice, using telephone or displays the voice on the system. 5. The system choose a strings according to these elements: -User data, including user name, user telephone number, the address user uses, -User buying history, if the system has this kind of data. -The products that the system detects that user want to buy, or the system recommended products. The system will choose several strings from above source as CAPTCHA candidate, then choose one or two characters in each string according to the different index. But if the system detects that the user's current IP is abnormal, then the system will choose the third type , recommended products name, as the CAPTCHA string candidates. For example, the system can choose 3 strings : user name, user telephone number, and user street address, then , the system will choose one or two characters with random string's character index. If user name is 'Charles Newtiton', address is '57 Lincoln St', and his telehpone is '7111 222 333', The system may choose the second character of first name, the fourth of second name, the first character of address, the last character of address, thus the final cha...