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A new machanism to format the pasted text automatically based on previous used fonts Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248718D
Publication Date: 2016-Dec-29
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This article is mainly about a new method to recognize the content the user input or pasted, and apply the most appropriate style without any extra operation. The style could be either a style the user previously used or style shared by other users. As a result, the editor can focus on the content of the note/mail etc, and the method is able to format the content nicely.

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A new machanism to format the pasted text automatically based on previous used fonts

When we copy and paste something from different sources to our notebook, we usually format it with different color or font to make it look nicely and easy to recognize. For example, for assembler code, I would like to use one Font with Dark Green color. However, for messages, I would like to use another Font with black color. So the paragraph can be formatted nicely and easy to read. To make the text format nicely, we have to select the content we want to apply format, and choose different font or color. For some text editor, format brush is provided to easy format apply.

However, format brush still has some limitation to use it. At least, you have to apply some format to some words in advance before you actually use format brush to apply the format to other words.

With our invention, user doesn't need to format the pasted word manually or use format brush to apply a previous format. Instead, the note editor itself will store the information about the content and previously applied format. When the user pasted a bunch of word into editor, the editor will be scanning the words, and trying to analysis if it matches an existing pattern. If yes, it will automatically apply the existing format to it. If not, the default format will be used, and after some adjustment by user, the related information will be stored in the configuration files.


To support this function, a configurat...