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New smart business promote system based on corrlated contacts. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248730D
Publication Date: 2016-Dec-30
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This is an invention on the business promotion in social APPs, which intends to add a function to promote an activity in the social APP, show the progress bar for the activity, and the key point, it will highlight the head portraits of the social friends which user follows in the activity page. This will prompt the business as it will add the possibilities of users to attend an activities when they find there's some friends, or even VIPs has joint it.

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New smart business promote system based on corrlated contacts.

Social APPs became more and more important in our social life, we created and joined many of social groups based on these instant messaging software or APPs. Based on these group, there are many of activities, business events, business advertisement raised, posted and ask people to follow, join and buy in the activities, events or goods. Usually, we are using name list to copy/input/paste to indicate someone join/buy in as others in the list.



But this kind of vote or join list is very hard to use and maintain, if there are lots of members in the group. Also, you are hard to find out which friends of you also join and attend the event that might can influence your decision.

The invention describes a new business promote system - correlated contacts visualized promote system. The system will manage and filter correlated contacts listed for specific events, purchase orders, etc based on IM group and phone contacts. You can manage privacy to allow/not allow your activities by the new business promote system. And you can query and find out all people who in your contacts and highlight listed on the promote system without any configuration or actions. That's will help you to know who you trust, you followed, you interested joined the events, join the group purchase, etc. It will help us to promote business or interesting events more accurate. Also, the new visualized promote system can generate high efficiency promote or vote UI for different IM/APP to collect data and promote advertisements.

The invent m...