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Smart Notification System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248734D
Publication Date: 2017-Jan-03
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This invention is about proposing a smarter notification system for smartphone push notification that saves time to the user, saves battery and create a better user experience for any smartphone for the end user.

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Smart Notification System

Interactivity with smartphone and evolution of their UI is one of the key axis of development for phone brands such as Google, Samsung or Apple.

All these smartphones work with applications such as Mail / SMS / Twitter / Facebook etc…

All these applications share the same model in order to interact with the user, notifications. Notifications can be started when we receive a message, when we have a new post of Facebook or Twitter etc.

In general these notifications trigger a sound, a vibration, turn on a coloured led and/or a visual message on the phone.

Problem is, how to quickly see if we have a pending notification if we miss the sound notification. New solutions such as smart watch are a solution. They offer a way to present notification without having to take this phone out of a pocket or handbag. An alternative is the small light that we can now find on most of the phones. New phones also offer an additional screen dedicated to notification.

In an environment where we can potentially receive dozen of notifications per day, checking a phone is now a reflex for a lot of users. And checking a phone « for nothing » is a loss of time for the user and a « bad » user experience since it costs time, and even potential battery consumption because we had to turn on the screen, etc…

Today way to highlight "pending notification" is the led light in front of the telephone. This way to display the information is inefficient in the following cases:

- phone is...