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Method of reading voltage on power supplies at a glance Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248742D
Publication Date: 2017-Jan-04
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Described is a method of reading voltage on power supplies at a glance.

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Method of reading voltage on power supplies at a glance

When in an environment with cords of multiple voltages, it can be difficult to see which cord

supplies which voltage. Being able to plug a cord into the server PSU and immediately see the

indicated voltage would help users determine whether they need to switch cords.

A set of LEDs on the back of the power supply lights up according to the voltage of the

line connected to it. These LEDs are used to indicate which voltage is being used; they may

indicate a status such as "voltage OK," or "voltage incorrect." The power supply would detect

the line voltage, and indicate that voltage on the back of the supply, readily viewable by the user.

In one embodiment, there could be separate LED indicators for each voltage being

detected, as shown in the figure below. The power supply would simply turn on the light

corresponding to the voltage range which the line cord supply falls into.

In another embodiment, the system could transmit data on its configuration and,


therefore, its required voltage to the PSU each time the system is powered up. The PSU can then

store this data. The next time power cords are removed and re-attached to the system, the power

supply could reference the configuration in the previous IPL and then indicate whether the

applied voltage is correct (if so, PSU could flash blue/green/etc. on the various voltage lights; if

not, PSU could flash red on all lights). This would alert the user to potential use of an...