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Publication Date: 2017-Jan-05
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Wheel and tire theft is a serious issue since it leaves the vehicle owner without a way to move their

vehicle, large cost for new wheels and tires, possible damage to the vehicle, and significant

inconvenience to the owner. The common solution is to have a unique fastener for each wheel assembly

to deter theft but the unique fastener can be bypassed. The best solution would be to have the vehicle

alarm system activate when needed.

When a thief steals the wheels and tires they need to jack up a vehicle to remove the wheels. This action

causes the wheels to go into a rebound position to reduce the preload to allow for removal. This change

in wheel travel relative to the vehicles body could be measured with wheel position sensors that are

installed are sometimes installed on vehicles. These wheel position sensors are commonly used for

active suspension components and head light position angle. The wheel position sensors could also be

used to detect wheel theft as shown in figure 1.

Figure 1

Once the vehicle security system is activated to a locked indicator they system will begin to monitor all of

the wheel position sensors. If there is a large wheel displacement and the vehicle security system is

active then the vehicle alarm system should be activated. This would alert the owner of the theft and the


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