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Intelligence system to auto generate image-text guide Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248796D
Publication Date: 2017-Jan-12

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This disclosure disclose an Intelligence system to generate image-text instruction automatically, which help people make image-text guide more easier and quicker. It is able to extract key messages/steps for the instruction,and take photos for key steps. And also system is able to merge the key messages/steps and the photos together to generate the image/text instruction.

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Intelligence system to auto generate image-text guide

When people do something they are not familiar with(such as cooking/baking), usually they find guide/instruction to learn. The guide could be Video or instruction with text/picture. Video is very useful, but it takes long time to watch. Instruction with text/image is very popular.

However making text/image instruction is tedious...

The core idea of this invention is to provide a method and system of generating text/image instruction automatically -- Extract key messages/steps for the instruction -- Take photos for key steps


-- Merge the key messages/steps and the photos together and generate the image/text instruction



1:We use Voice Recognition System to extract useful information(such as important sentences or voice command) even under noisy environment. 2:We use Semantics Identity System to identify useful voice command or important sentences should be recored down. 3.1:When detected this is a important step or part or got the voice command to take a picture,system will automatically take a picture to mark it. 3.2:When detected the current sentences are very important,will convert to message and record it down. 4:After saved those data, Images & Messages Generatiion System will get those data and generate user defined format data.

Flow Chart



example: Take make Chiffon cake as an example

If you want to make Chiffon cake and share the steps to your friends. The normal way is when you making cake and take a lot...