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A system and method for cross-browsers testing with shared data

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248800D
Publication Date: 2017-Jan-12
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Nowadays there are more and more requirements on front-end testing, including UI testing and functional testing. This article introduces a new method for front-end UI testing which makes it possible to test in multiple browsers in parallel and offline. For one scenario, it can run many times and make the results controllable.

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A system and method for cross-browsers testing with shared data

Nowadays, automation test has been used in many places, including web front-end development. There are many testing related frameworks or libraries. Testers may do unit test, functional test and end-to-end test using these frameworks or libraries.

For web UI testing, testers can only test in one browser every time. Testing the compatibility issue would cost much repetitive effort. In addition, for test in local environment, testers may only do simple UI test using mock data according to current testing frameworks, but some more complicated testing work still depends on networking. This system can help testers do complicated functional test in local environment. Also, this system supports testing in multiple browsers in parallel.

This is a method and system for cross-browser shared data testing. It can be used in automation test especially in web UI testing. This system includes Test Data Management Component (TestData). When doing the test in the browser for the first time, test execution data will be stored in a data structured, and the data should be stored in TestData. Next time, TestData will return the cache data for each request for the later cross-browser testing. Through this system, It can improve the efficiency of test development, and reduce the difficulty of cross-browsers test. This system can help the testers do testing in multiple browsers in parallel. In local environment, the system can reduce the influence of the network as far as possible, the test execution data can be stored at the first time testing. In multiple browsers, the tests will share the same test execution data, it can help test the compatibility of web UI more accurately.

When functions are developed. This system is executed to verify the functions we developed should work well on all web platforms, and also to verify that the existing functions are not broken by the new codes.

There are 3 components in our system: 1. Test Data Management Component (TestData, include Cache Manager, Cache Capture Manager, Cache Store) 2. Test Steps Management compo...