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A method to smartly change between texual and voice mode in instant messenger(IM) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248828D
Publication Date: 2017-Jan-16
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Nowadays, instant messenger is more widely used in the social. As we know, text and voice are the most common communication style in IM chat. But in some special time or circumstance, we may prefer to use one style, and the another style is not convenient to use. For instance, when you are driving, voice is easier and safer than text to use. Or in noisy place, text is more clearly than voice. This article introduces a method to intellegently switch audio/text mode according to device status in instant messaging tools.

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A method to smartly change between texual and voice mode in instant messenger(IM)

This invention can switch between voice and text intelligently, to improve the user experience, it provides a method to make IM chat dialog better readable by turning all text to voice(when it is not convenient to read text), or turning all voice item to text(when it is not convenient to play the voice message).

In this method:

An Audio/Text Mode will be involved, and it can be intelligently switched based on the real-time detected user's status. Also it's available for user to manually operate.

1. The text in the IM chat dialog(all text or mixture of text and voice message) would change to voice when the device screen light is shutdown, or the screen detects surrounding is getting dark(eg. the device is put in pocket.) steps: 1).one voice message in the chat dialog is selected 2).the device screen light is shutdown 3).the text turned into voice and play one by one

2.when text mode is selected, all the voice item in the chat dialog would be turned into text for reading