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System and Method for Cognitive Bookmarking of Documents Empowered with Rich User Interaction Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248834D
Publication Date: 2017-Jan-16
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Disclosed are a system and associated methods to cognitively create one or more in-document bookmarks for the convenience of readers, based upon different gaze points and implicit/explicit actions taken by the user. The novel system comprises methods for both explicit and implicit bookmarking, a novel method for opening said bookmarks, and a novel user interface through which the reader manages the list of bookmarks.

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System and Method for Cognitive Bookmarking of Documents Empowered with Rich User Interaction

Current types of electronic bookmarking are interaction-intensive, not automated to help the reader revisit the concepts, which might be cognitively difficult and took time for the reader to understand. The explicit bookmarks need a user to explicitly tag a point to which to return; this is interaction-intensive. In addition, returning to the bookmarked points is a manual process and does not provide an easy way for the reader to return to the marked/difficult content and review it. Further, the user can create multiple bookmarks within the same application (app), not across multiple open/different windows.

Explicit interaction-centric bookmarking is lacking the ability to pass the user’s viewing intent using a combination of eye gaze and physical interaction (e.g., gently shaking the electronic reading). A system or method is needed to provide implicit weighted bookmarking for cognitively difficult concepts across multiple windows/apps as well as weighted bookmarking within document for revisiting.

The novel contribution is a system and method for cognitive bookmarking of documents that is empowered with rich user interaction. The core novelty is ordered/ranked document bookmarking based on the reader’s gaze point and points of cognitive involvement. The novel system comprises methods for both explicit and implicit bookmarking. The system identifies said points through close observation of the reader’s behavioral features such as explicit eye gestures and implicit points of struggles (points of interest) within documents.

The novel system is not limited to raking bookmarks by weight. In an embodiment, the system can rank the bookmarks in a manner to optimally fit the heatmap zone within the area (UI) to display the bookmarks.

Explicit Weighted Bookmarking Explicit weighted bookmarking within document allows the reader to revisit a specific passage. The reader can carry out a predefined series of winks and blinks (with one or both eyes in a predefined sequence) and thereby the system bookmarks the point of gaze and translates the intensity of this interaction into a weight for the bookmark. Alternatively, the reader can carry out explicit bookmarking by fixating (i.e., staring hard) on the point within the document that requires a bookmark, and simultaneously shaking the reading device (e.g., smart phone) in a well-defined pattern. This combination of actions indicates intent to bookmark the fixation point within the document. The system translates the intensity of the shake into a weight for the bookmark. The system ranks explicit bookmarks based upon difficulty/interest score assigned based upon the intensity of user interaction (e.g., long wink, multiple blinks, intensity of mobile phone shake etc.).

Implicit Weighted Bookmarking This solution provides implicit weighted bookmarking for cognitively difficult concepts.


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