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Telephone/mobile source recognition and identification solution. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248841D
Publication Date: 2017-Jan-17
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Telephone and mobile have made our daily life more and more convenient, whereas, scams based on telephone and mobile have annoyed people for a long time. Our invention introduces a third party authenticated institution to certificate and a way to authenticate. By involving our invention, people will know if a phone call, especially the number of which should be shown from an authenticated institution/organization, can be trusted. Our invention resolves the problem that people can't tell if a phone call shown from an authenticated institution/organization is a scam or not, so can prevent some phone call scams.

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Telephone/mobile source recognition and identification solution.

Telecommunication fraud occurs frequently in world wide especially in China. The mendacious source of telephone number is an important factor which cause the victim of a swindler to believe the cheater.

Install a module in telephone to identify if a coming call is from a trusty number.

Currently in some intelligent mobile telephone, it provides the function to prompt who the coming call is possible come from. But its analysis comes from user's marking. it has less reliability. Also, if the number is a tempered number, it can't recognize it.

1. Found a company or organization to issue electric certificate for telephone/mobile number to identify its owner.


2. For intelligent telephone device like android/apple mobile phone, install the certificate in mobile's os. We provide a software layer module to implement this feature. For non intelligent telephone device like fixed-line phone, we provide a module in chip to support the certificate. 3. When a call comes in, the telephone will recognize its certificate by our module. If the call in number has certificate, we will mark it as trusty caller who owned the certificate. If it hasn't and the number is owned by an authenticated user, we will alert that the number is fraud and tempered. About the certificate issuing and authentication process, we can refer to SSL(Secure Sockets Layer)/TLS(Transport Layer Security) certificate.