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Radio Frequency Vessel Sealer with Continuous Rotation Low Impedance Electrical Contacts Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248862D
Publication Date: 2017-Jan-18
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With radio frequency bipolar vessel sealers access to anatomical structures is enhanced by devices that have shafts that continuously rotate beyond 360 degrees. It is also desirable to have low impedance systems that reduce energy loss to the tissue.

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Radio Frequency Vessel Sealer with Continuous Rotation Low Impedance Electrical Contacts 

With radio frequency bipolar vessel sealers access to anatomical structures is enhanced by devices that  have shafts that continuously rotate beyond 360 degrees. It is also desirable to have low impedance  systems that reduce energy loss to the tissue. 

 What is disclosed here is a bipolar vessel sealer with a small highly conductive wire that runs from the  distal end electrodes to the proximal contacts of the device. Materials such as silver, gold and copper  make ideal conductors for this purpose. Furthermore the wire should be of small diameter in order to  allow for space inside the shaft for other components. In this case a wire of diameter .018 or smaller is  desirable. In order to couple such a small malleable wire inside the proximal contact, an adapter is  proposed that this smaller wire fits inside and that adapter itself interacts electrically with the proximal  contact. 

This adapter could be a thermoplastic insulator with a small conductive hypotube glues or molded  inside. The conductive wire is then inserted inside the conductive hypotube in the adapter and crimped  to ensure a low impedance electrical contact.  


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