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Safe publishing Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248874D
Publication Date: 2017-Jan-19
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When publishing a photo or video, we often need to consider if other people in our photo allow us to public their photo. To do a safe publishing, people often use blurring software, which allows them to hide strange face. For example, in some sensitive articles which are related to victims of a murder, or in street photos from commercial products, most faces are blurred. However, this make the scene, video or photo be not natural. To some extent, the art aspect is affected. This disclosure suggests a service on cloud to solve the problem.

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Safe publishingThe solution will create database of typical human faces in different region, race, and angles (direction). It will recognize and change faces in original photo or video in order to publish.When publishing a sensitive photo or video, we can change all faces in that media with a typical faces.The system includes some parts:- Database of typical faces, this can be prepared by taking photo of many people of one region or race. The face can be taken in different angles or direction. Then an algorithm will combine faces in similar direction to one face, this is called typical or average face. The database can be updated by 3D scanners or size-sensor systems, which allow cloud service suppliers to measure people faces as quickly as possible.- Cloud-based API functions will analyze original images to find out the face and some light-effect (as source of light, time of day, recognized light patterns, hiding objects,..) of the image. - An image processing part allows to take a similar face from database and use light-effect to change typical faces to the same status as original face. In this stage, other technique can be used to enforce the effectiveness of output, such as: to use hair to hide certain area of face, to put jewels on areas, to wear scarf to neck or face,.... Thanks to supplement to photo, even the real face (of person in photo) is much different from the typical face, this face can be replaced by suitable artificial face with accessories closely. - For...