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An Embedded Electric Lock for Laptop Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248876D
Publication Date: 2017-Jan-19
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For data-and-property security concern, lots of companies would require employees to bring a cable lock for their laptops. Because of its inconvenience to either carry or use, many people are bothered and unwilling to do this. This paper gives an innovation about an embedded electric lock which is super easy to use.

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An Embedded Electric Lock for Laptop

1.Laptop Locks Nowadays

Nowadays, almost all laptop locks are provided by third parties instead of laptop vendor. This is inconvenient to consumers. They are: Cumbersomeness. Laptop locks are mainly made of steel, as a result, they bring additional weight to the machine. Besides, to be flexible  with the size of a fixture, the length of the lock cable has to be made long that it is cumbersome to carry around. Unhandiness. There is no difference between laptop lock and traditional lock. They are mainly from two types, i.e. key lock and  combination lock thus it takes more time to open or lock these kind of locks.

Figure 1-1 Traditional Laptop Locks

2.Overall Design of An Embedded Electric Laptop Lock


As we discussed above, to solve these problems and make a lock more portable and easier to use, we provide a brand new idea to the design. When laptops are produced from factories, we embed a lock inside its body. And make it can be unlocked by digital password. Details are as below:

Figure 2-1 Overall Design for An Embedded Lock


Figure 2-2 Laptop Lock Side View

As illustrated in Figure 2-1 top view of a laptop lock, the lock is built as a integrated part of a laptop. As shown, in lower-left corner there is a coil designed as a spring, it can be pulled out and adjusted according to the size and distance of a fixture, so that the laptop can be locked there. When you release the coil, it will shrink back, then there is no additional part...