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An auto guard mode on mobile device based on cognitive technologies to protect user safety Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248891D
Publication Date: 2017-Jan-20
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With the ability of identifying the dangerous level of current place, the mobile phone can be switched to guard mode automatically, to provide some useful functionalities to protect the user.

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An auto guard mode on mobile device based on cognitive technologies to protect user safety

Nowadays, smart phone has been an essential tool in daily life and makes people’s life much easier. However, it also can be turned into a personal safety device with its GPS tracker, audio and video capabilities, internet accessibility and other smart features. When danger suddenly approaches, usually there is no enough time to make an emergency call. So, to find a way to automatically activate a guard mode is important.

There are some known solutions about using a mobile phone to guard personal safety, but each one has its own drawbacks.

1. Install a safety app on the phone. Activate the app when user senses possible dangers. 2. Use a wireless remote to control the phone to make an emergency call. 3. Use predefined rules to implement one-button call.

However, all of them have obvious shortages and doesn’t well address the challenge:

1. They don't actively detect possible dangers and automatically switch to a guard mode. 2. They don't involve real-time data resulted from big data analytics.

This invention defines a new mobile device profile “Guard Mode” that can be automatically switched to protect human safety. In detail, backend service of devices collects GPS information which received and analyzed cognitively by remote server to compute security level of the current district. If the level exceeds the preset threshold, the “Guard Mode” will be set automatically, along with series of benefits:

• Users will be alerted that they are in dangerous places
 • GPS information will always be collected and stored in remote data center;
 • Users will know the nearby police offices, hospitals or shelters, then they can run there if encountering danger.

1. Auto mode in or out

The system provides a capability to automatically come into guard mode. This mode provides some useful functionality to help or protect user in some extreme dangerous mode.

The system can identify the dangerous level of a specific place by means of big data and machine learning. It will grab news about places, and if dangerous things happened in some place, then the dangerous level of the place would be changed.

By having the geo location feature in mobile phone, the location data would be send to the system each 5 second, and a guard level of that place would be send back to the mobile phone as response. When this level is high enough, the mobile phone will change automatically into guard mode.

When the user leaves the dangerous place, the mobile phone would leave the guard mode automatically.


To define the dangerous...