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Method and system of English UI Reference for Globalization product

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Publication Date: 2017-Jan-20
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This method is about creating mock UI of application and display different languages in the mock UI, without any configuration on the application. For Globalization product, Globalization team need to test translation quality in product UI to make sure the translation is contextual and the translated strings are accommodated with the layout of UI element (not to be truncated). So test team will need to verify different translated UIs with one English UI, which they have to produce step by step repeatedly. With this agent, testers can save the repetitive work, because the same function of UI only need to be run only one time. And the agent will help to mock different languages of UI , which will have the same test purpose of Translation/Globalization.

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Method and system of English UI Reference for Globalization product

More and more products have been translated into different languages and designed as the different behavior for data input, output, display and storage for different countries, it will help people from different countries to manipulate these product easily according to their culture and custom. Sometimes, the different language version for the same product need to be checked simultaneously, for example, we may need to check the English version occasionally when we are using the native language version. For the web product, it's easy to implement, since we can use different browsers with setting the different locale, then we can check the different languages simultaneously with using the different browsers. For the Desk Client Application, we only can install one in each computer as usual, so if want to check the different language, we have to change the Application locale, and restart it. If we want to revert to the previous language, have to change locale and restart again. Can't check them simultaneously and a little bit inconvenient for the language version change. This invention is mainly to solve this problems: Getting the different languages UI version without repeated steps.

In each panel, there are similar English UI screen shots or English strings list with mapping the translated strings.

Advantages: 1. Most products are developed for English version first, then are translated to other language version. Some strings are difficult to be translated, or can' be

expressed correctly by other languages....