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Automation Framework Based Scripts Visualization and Recommendation

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248895D
Publication Date: 2017-Jan-20
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Test scripting is a major, effort-intensive stage in software testing. This stage is predominantly a manual, error-prone process often resulting in high rework and maintenance efforts. In a lot of cases, automation developers have to expand and develop new scripts based on existing scripts and framework. How to effectively analyze and reuse existing scripts is a challenge, especially when there’s lack of documents or the existing scripts are not well organized. - What’s the problem which will be resolved in this invention 1.How to quickly help automation developer to understand if some existing methods/ code can be reused and referred to for creating new automation scripts (methods, test cases) 2.How to visualize and map existing scripts to preferred new user scenarios and UI(User Interface) interactions. 3.If new exactly existing scripts (method) can be reused, what are the similar alternatives automation developers can refer to. - Related technologies and methods 1.Technology to parse code and translate to user interaction and flow 2.Method to visualize code and GUI (Graphical User Interface ) object actions 3.GUI Automation tools

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Automation Framework Based Scripts Visualization and Recommendation

Core Idea: The core idea is to analyze and identify legacy auto script/code and translate them into visualization flow to accelerate GUI automation :

Automate tester manual record/input into scripts. Search engine implement full search first time for initialize, and save to local for next refinement. Then identify corresponding objects, operations and sequences based on manual recording auto scripts. Rule engine implement self-learning and adopt user customize rule, to give recommendations of prioritize. Matched methods/tasks/case code visualized to end user with multi-channels, such as call hierarchy, pie charts, bar charts, etc.

Claim points: Generate automation scripts profile based on any defined automation framework Recommend prioritized options (existing methods and invocation chains) for reference

 Exact matching  Partial matching (not exact matching but can be referred for further modification)

Visualize the mapping for items (methods/ tasks <=> user actions <=> UI objects 2etc.) Profile based on current framework



(1) IDE means Integrated Development Environment here in chart above. (2) Libs means libraries here.

Firstly, Provide a user defined and flexible framework based on existing automation structure to identify corresponding objects, method and task layers for code mapping and save to local for self-refinement.


Then end user manual recording or input specified format do...