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A method and apparatus of charging express automatically and safely Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248899D
Publication Date: 2017-Jan-20
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To charge express automatically and only charge our purchase (the goods we truly send or receive on our purpose), we provide a system with RSA keys to receive express automatically and receive express correctly making sure the product is just user bought. And meanwhile we can make sure express transfer correctly preventing wrong transfer from begin. Besides trace express to make sure charging safely preventing someone deliver maliciously.

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A method and apparatus of charging express automatically and safely

Express delivery and receiving has been one of the most popular activities that everyone would experience in their daily life. There are several problems people often

encountered through current delivery systems, we cannot charge express when out or busy. Chances are that when express arrived, nobody could answer and receive it since

the receiver would be absent. Another dilemma is that, we cannot make sure the express is extract our purchase, but not others’ wrong delivered on purpose or carelessness.

This would be horrible when these things happen. This is a new way of delivery related fraud which is hard to be prevented in current delivery system. It is quite needed that

we have a system helping us charging express automatically and only charging our purchase (the goods we truly send or receive on our purpose)

We are proposing a system and method with a set of apparatus to do the automatic and safe charging of express. The notion of public key and private key in encryption field

has been adopted and utilized in express delivery solutions. The methods of the invention can be described in following steps

1. User use the system to generate RSA(Rivest-Shamir-Adleman) keys: public key and private key. And user keeps the private key.

2. User register on shopping website with the public key and key’s system model and version. Then the shopping website can generate the correspond password. With the

password, shopping website will contact system in step1.

3. System in step1 decrypt the password with private key. If success, system will encrypt the actual physical address and send to shopping website.

4. Shopping website receive the encrypted address and decrypt with public key to get the actual physical address.

5. User buys purchase and input the address for the order. If the address is not same to the address in step3. The order is invalid. If the addresses are...