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A Method to Enhance History Command Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248909D
Publication Date: 2017-Jan-22
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This art provides a smart way to enhance the history command under shell or other command lines, so that to improve the efficiency and user experience on such environments.

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A Method to Enhance History Command

When using history command, all the commands that previously executed will be shown in the history, it is very inconvenient especially on: - invalid command, command that by typo or misunderstanding - just-for-once command, just-for-once means the command executed correctly before but cannot be executed correctly again. - command including relative path, user cannot execute it again if the current path changed. - commands that have relationship, such as "docker logs" and "docker run" commands.

Our invention provides a way to solve those problems.

This inventory monitor the commands inputted by the user, then filter, convert and reorg the command history so that when user using the history command, they can: - display only commands that executed correctly. - don't display just-for-once commands. - convert relative path to absolute path. - group the related commands by defined rules.

With those enhancements, user can use the history command with better experience and efficiency.

Our invention is to provide a history generating engine assistant with a history setting and some command dictionaries to enhance the history command. The engine will collect the command with executing result, then base on the history setting, the engine will filter, convert and group the specified commands via command dictionaries, finally it will update the history file in memory and/or on disk. - the engine is hooked with or monitoring shell or command line which used for inputting commands, so that it can: . get the execution result of each command . send request to shell or command line such as to retrieve the absolute path - history setting is used for user to enable or disable the enhancement functions - command dictionaries include: . just-for-once dictionary which contains the keyword of the just-for-once commands . convert dictionary which contains the keyword of the commands that relative path related


Fig 1. Overview

To filter invalid command: - check the result of executed command, if failed, the command will be filtered. For ex.,when inputting "invalidcmd" and executing it, we will capture the return code of this execution, if the return code indicates the typo or incorrect input, we will ex...