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A mechanism to dynamically turn off/on the notification based on user behaviors in group chat Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248911D
Publication Date: 2017-Jan-22
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The article tells a smart way to dynamically turn off/on the notification based on user behaviors in group chats, to help people make the notifications less annoying without missing important ones.

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A mechanism to dynamically turn off/on the notification based on user behaviors in group chat

Group chat is now quite popular in a social network, usually every end user joins multiple different groups, for work, for study, for entertainment, for education, etc. Messages come in at any time, the user need to spend time to find what's they are interested in, what they need to response, it's time consuming, and in many cases, they find only a small numbers of messages are useful for them, but they cannot simply turn off the notification without knowing what's going on as there could be some important messages missing. they want a way to auto turn off the notification based on the other users’ behaviors in the group communication.

Scenario Alice joins some group chats. Alice turns off the notification for the groups she doesn’t need immediately response, such as the shopping one as she can go through them at any time when she has time. Alice doesn't want to turn off the notification for the child school group chat because it's a place where the teacher send important notice or discuss for a resolution, but in most of time, she finds there are just some random chats between 2 parents for a long time, in this case, Alice hopes the group can be auto muted so she won't be disturbed, but once more people participant in the chat, which might suggest there is common topic is being discussed, Alice hopes the notification can turn on again automatically, so she can jump in right away.

There should be a smart way to turn on/off Message Notification mode in a group chat.

The invention provides a mechanism on client side to enable/disable Message Notification mode of group chat for end user automatically. The mechanism analyzes user behaviors in a group chat and defines some rules as criteria for Message Notification mode on/off. End user does not need turn on/off Message Notification mode manually. The invention makes it easier to avoid endless notification and resume message notification in time to avoid important message missing

Advantages are: Focus on efficient messages handling by analyzing the user behaviors.

It provides various type of parameters to turn on/off the notification It's will automatically once you set the rules It's more based on user behaviors analysis instead of content

The invention analyzes all users' behavior in a group chat and define some rules:


1. The invention will define rule based Mode “Mute Notification” that the group chat is used by a few persons’ conversation. 1.1 Define a time period (e.g. 1 minute) 1.2 Define a minimum number of chat messages sent during defined period (e.g. 10 messages) 1.3 A max active users number during the defined period (e.g. 2 users)

If during the defined time period (defined in 1.1), there are more than the minimum number (defined in 1.2) of messages sent in group chat and the active users (who send messages) is less than max active users number (defined in 1.3), then it is mapped with th...