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A method of agile mark based test automation Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248913D
Publication Date: 2017-Jan-22
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The disclosure discloses one method of agile marked based GUI test automation. By this method, user needs to mark the test flow on GUI design views instead of writing any codes. It wil reduce coding workload of automation tester, and improve the collabartion between designer, developer and tester.

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A method of agile mark based test automation

There are several drawbacks of current GUI test automation tools: 1) Some current GUI test automation tools supply record-and-playback functionality, but such record-and-playback process can’t be started until the GUI product is fully developed. 2) The other GUI automation tools use various test scripts to describe test flows. It’s a time-consuming task to develop and maintain a lot of GUI test cases. 3) Once the GUI is changed, none of current tools can adapt test cases automatically.

In this innovation, a Agile Mark Based GUI Test Automation is introduced to solve above problems. By this method, test-driven is imported into GUI development and meanwhile testers are freed from complicated GUI test case development. In this invention, we present a agile mark based GUI test automation solution. The tester needn't write any codes or scripts, instead, all what he/she needs to do is to mark the test flows on GUI design views and then the automation test script will be generated automatically according to us-ers' mark operations. In brief, the process is:

The key ideas of this invention are: 1) We put forward a novel interaction way to generate test flow. We call it “a mark based test flow generation”. We will describe this method later in detail 2) A method to generate automation test scripts based on the agile marks. 3) If the GUI Design changes, the automation test scripts will be updated automatically. Our solution simplifies maintenance of automation test scripts greatly.


Fig. 1 Component diagram

The present innovation provides a common IDE but different views for GUI designer and tester.

GUI Design View:

In our invention, GUI design view is a view of our IDE for GUI designer to draw GUI design pictures. It provides abundant widget and graphics for GUI designer to use.

When GUI designer finish the GUI design pictures, the system will generates GUI description model for these pictures.

Test flow view:

This view in our IDE shows all flows and actions. Test case designers can use this view to design GUI test cases.

A sample user story is as follows:

Firstly, GUI designer finishes GUI design in GUI design view and system generates GUI description model.

Secondly, tester finishes test flow basing on GUI design with agile mark based test flow model in Test flow view and system generates test flow model.

Thirdly, Test Case generating Engine generates automation test case script based on GUI description model and test flow model.

At last, these automation test case scripts can be run in automation tool automatically instead of manual test by tester.

GUI Description Model


GUI Description Model is used to identify the elements on a GUI page. The model can describe the element, relative relationship between elements on a GUI page. We try

our best to provide enough information to identify an element on a GUI page, so that, TEST CASE GENERATING engine can find elements on a GUI page by analyzing