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Medical System Enhancement by Analyzing how People are Addressed through Conversation

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248918D
Publication Date: 2017-Jan-22
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Disclosed is a system that quickly and accurately identifies the source of a user’s disease(s) or illness by analyzing language, ambient noise, and location data.

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Medical System Enhancement by Analyzing how People are Addressed through Conversation

Contagious diseases spread through human interaction. Patients with life threatening contagious diseases must be immediately quarantined in order to avoid the further spread the same virus. Existing technology can track the locations to which a user has travelled in order to determine how the user might have contracted certain diseases. However, the challenge remains to accurately identify any other people with whom an individual has interacted, especially if a person is not willing to disclose this information.

The method in which other people address an individual can indicate both the nature of the relationship and the location of the interaction. For example, people address each other formally in the business environment, in an adult/child interaction, in a parent/child interaction, friendly social interactions, etc. Different cultures follow different conventions when addressing people (e.g., depending on a working relationship, seniority, family relationship, etc.).

The novel contribution is a system that quickly and accurately identifies the source of the user’s disease(s) or illness by analyzing how different people addressed the individual as well as how the individual addressed others, in conjunction with the analysis of location data. This allows the system to determine with whom the user has interacted during a given period (i.e., past), and then identify the environment in which the interaction occurred. The system holds data regarding locations of contagious illness outbreaks and sources of contamination. The known environment can help analysts determine whether the user visited a location that was a source of contagion.

The steps for implementing the novel solution follow: 1. Data preparation stage, the system:

A. Integrates with: i. wearable computer technologies to capture the background sound

along with the location the user visited ii.the repository where all the existing known culture related titles are

collected and categorized iii. the database of contagious disease outbreak information

(e.g., location, season, symptom etc.) B. Converts the speech to text and stores that in the repository for further

analysis C. Captures any text communication the user had with other people such as

text messaging, email and social networking site posts. D. Collects and analyzes the user’s profile data in terms of the user’s

ethnicity group, language background, marital status, etc.

2. Data analysis stage, the system: A. Collects the location data from associate global positioning system (GPS)

data from the user’s wearable computer to determine which regions the user visited

B. Analyzes data for the possible title and nicknames used in the region the user has visited in the past one month

C. Analyzes the text collected from the past certain amount of days (e.g., 30)


D. Identifies any name al...