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A system and method for providing wireless connectivity to trusted members

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248930D
Publication Date: 2017-Jan-22
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The claimed subject matter designs a system and method that facilitates providing wireless connectivity to trusted memebers. A device can sense of trusted members, then establish wireless connectivity with the help of truested members, in the process, the claimed subject matter provides multiple ownership verification and request validation methods in a easy and innovatve way.

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A system and method for providing wireless connectivity to trusted members

Usages: Scenario 1: you usually has mobile phone and computer, when you go to a new WIFI network, someone tells you the password, you connect you computer to the network. You hope your mobile phone could be automatically connected to WIFI with the help from your computer, because your mobile phone and your computer are trusted each other . Scenario 2: there is a workshop, all workshop member’s computers are trusted. When one team member’s computer is connected to WIFI firstly, other members’ computer could connect to the same Wi -Fi with the help from that connected computer, and no need to connect to WIFI one by one manually .

Pain points: Time-consuming work and frequently interrupted, especially for a big group: look for Wi-Fi hot point, orally communicate password information. To orally communicate password information is a unsecure way, cause the security to down level.