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Method and System of Adaptive Charging and Discharging Controller for A Bicycle Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248933D
Publication Date: 2017-Jan-22
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Nowadays, bicycle can leverage human stamina to charge a bicycle. However, this kind of bicycle is usually hard to ride, and make the rider feel sweaty. The invented system proposes an adaptive charging (to save the mechanical energy) and discharging (to help the rider) controller for a bicycle.

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Method and System of Adaptive Charging and Discharging Controller for A Bicycle

1. The problem

Charging a bicycle only by braking is not enough. But if human stamina is always used to charge a bicycle, the rider will feel heavy. The

invented system aims to seek out the balance between "state of charge" and “user experience". Traditional work resolves the problem of how to

charge a vehicle. The invented system resolves the problem of when, where, and how much to charge of a bicycle. In a word, the invented system

aims to implant ambient intelligence into the bicycle.

2. Main Idea

Method and system of adaptive charging and discharging controller for a bicycle by:

― A Smart Adapter that determines which action to execute (charging, discharging, no action) based on the input of multi-modal sensor data;

― Methods to generate a general model by the history usage data of all users;

― Methods to generate a personalized model by the usage data of current user and general model.

3. How it works

(1) System Framework

As shown in Figure 1, the invented system gathers real-time information from environment sensors, body sensors, and network input, then feeds

the processed information into SmartAdapt. The SmartAdapt is the core component, and it decides which action (charging, discharging, or none)

to execute. Besides, the rider’s operation based on his own judgment is recorded for model training. The model utilized in SmartAdapt is updated

from time to time.


Figure 1: System framework...