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A method to optimize group chat interface Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248955D
Publication Date: 2017-Jan-24
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Currently, many instant message tools support group chat. However, most tools uses only a single dimension the chronologic order to display conversation. A chronologic display of conversation becomes cumbersome when there are many participants in the conversation and the conversation drags long. Participants might easily get lost in the conversation and feel difficult to trace the whole story of the conversation or a particular piece of information. They can only scroll up and down to view the conversation history. This disclosure provides a method to display a cluster of messages, which is more convenient for users to follow the conversation chain. Users can choose to reply a message directly following the message that they are interested in. The message cluster can be unfolded or folded.

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A method to optimize group chat interface

This invention proposes an optimized method to display a group conversation:

1.The conversation, by large, is displayed on the basis of the chronologic order.

2.A participant can choose to add a message to the last of the conversation.

3.The participant also can choose to add a message directly following a message that he/she is interested in or want’s to reply to. The new

message covers the old one, comprising a message cluster. A number will appear on the message cluster to indicate that there are multiple


4.By default, the message cluster is folded with a number to indicate the number of messages in the cluster.

5.The message cluster can be unfolded to display all the messages it contains.


Retrieving and snoozing categorized conversations in a conversation-based email system (US 9063989 B2)

This patent enables users to manually categorize messages based on different criteria as a set of row, where each row corresponds to one

conversations. In this way, users can view and identify messages more efficiently.

This disclosure provides a more dynamic method for keeping track of messages about the same topic.

The messages are intrinsically categorized based on topics as users are replying to the exact message they are interested in.


Voice and text group chat display management techniques for wireless mobile terminals (US 8150922 B2)

This patent uses different section of the screen of a mobile device to display various ch...