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Exterior Perimeter Insulator Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248986D
Publication Date: 2017-Jan-25
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This idea captures an option for isolating electrically and thermally the sealing surface from the exterior surface of the sealing member. In cases where there is not enough space to overmold, this perimeter insulator could help to insulate certain parts of the sealing member. In the event that tissue wraps around from the sealing surface to the exterior surface, stray current may flow away from the seal. Creating this insulator around the perimeter edge of the jaw would cut off that current pathway. Thermally this insulator could also help to maintain a specific thermal footprint. The specifics of the idea include cutting a ridge around the outer perimeter of the upper jaw and filling it with a non‐conductive material.

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Exterior Perimeter Insulator 


This idea captures an option for isolating electrically and thermally the sealing surface from the exterior  surface of the sealing member. In cases where there is not enough space to overmold, this perimeter insulator  could help to insulate certain parts of the sealing member. In the event that tissue wraps around from the  sealing surface to the exterior surface, stray current may flow away from the seal. Creating this insulator  around the perimeter edge of the jaw would cut off that current pathway. Thermally this insulator could also  help to maintain a specific thermal footprint. The specifics of the idea include cutting a ridge around the outer  perimeter of the upper jaw and filling it with a non‐conductive material.  




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