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Cognitive System for food tracking/ health control through data coming from house ovens

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000249016D
Publication Date: 2017-Jan-26
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Cognitive System for food tracking/ health control through data coming from house ovens

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Cognitive System for food tracking / health control through data coming from house ovens

Today, more and more people put attention to what they eat, and select the proper food in relation to their health. Also, bad habits in eating and especially cooking food are recognized being a public problem. On the other hand, find the correct diet for each specific person is costly. More costly is the process of eating such food, in the proper way.

The idea is to collect consumers data about their food habits through a set of sensors installed on home appliances. For this idea, the oven is the required appliance, because, through its electronic nose, the system can store recipes consumers prepare. Other, required input for the cognitive system are:

- User information like, age, weight, etc. - General information about health from hospital and other sources - Any other online database can be used to understand people’s behavior (i.e.

if the house’s inhabitants do sports, etc) - Any goal set by the user (i.e. Is the user sportsman? Etc..)

Based on this information the system will be able to communicate the user any error in the preparation of recipes and the use of the proper food. In order to obtain this, a sequence of steps must be implemented and technologies to be used.

Also, the system leverages a self-learning algorithm to better tune the response: in fact, a better result can be achieved by reusing both recipes/combinations of food used by others, understanding improvements in their health condition or other parameters, and also . for the same users/house, by just investigating historical data.

The cognitive system of this idea based its output on the following variables. Each variable is associated to a module that is used by our system, to collect that variables. More in details:

- House Inhabitants: a GPS module associated to the oven can identify house inhabitants. Let’s call this variable “Location”

- Health information of house guests: these info can be obtained from online hospital databases a...