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Removal Tool for Dual Rear Wheel Ornaments

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000249036D
Publication Date: 2017-Jan-27
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Removal Tool for Dual Rear Wheel Ornaments

Wheel ornamentation used to cover hubs on vehicles with dual rear wheels is often difficult to

remove due to the location. Wheel ornamentation is often retained on the vehicle by clipping

onto the lug nuts. The customer can typically remove wheel ornaments using a lug wrench,

inserting its end into a rectangular notch at the base of the ornament and prying to remove it.

However, on dual rear wheels due to the location of the ornament deep within the concave wheel

the lug wrench is not effective at removing the ornaments. There is not enough room to wedge

the wrench under the ornaments and effectively pry them off. See figure 1 for a typical dual rear

wheel and ornament; the removal notch is called out as “1”.

A handheld tool has been developed to aid in removing wheel ornaments installed on

dual rear wheels. The tool translates a rotational motion into a lifting force normal to the axis of

rotation, allowing the user to work within the tight confines surrounding the wheel ornament.

This also gives the user some mechanical advantage, making their task easier. The tool consists

of a handle with a rounded rectangular protrusion which fits in the rectangular notch on the

ornament. When the protrusion is rotated 90 degrees so that its longer side is standing vertical to

the wheel it wedges between the ornament and wheel face, lifting the ornament enough to

partially disengage the lug nut clips. The ornament can then be easily removed fro...