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Track-Apps Driving Aid for Track Racing in Performance Vehicles Disclosure Number: IPCOM000249045D
Publication Date: 2017-Jan-30
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Track-Apps: Track Driving Aid for track racing in performance vehicles

Seeking better lap times in real-world driving is always a great challenge. An App is suggested to create driving aids to assist racers and car drivers to make better lap times by hinting the best apex, correct braking, turning and accelerating points, and driving through the best trajectory throughout a track.

Since racing enthusiasts like to take their cars to the track from time to time. Each lap around the track has to be faster than the one before. Nevertheless, sometimes hitting the right apex or the right braking, turning or accelerating point is difficult. This translates into not so good lap times, frustration and probably worse lap times. Driving with a co-pilot that guides you through rough corners or the entire circuit can be a bit distracting or can take you out of your comfort zone. In addition, sometimes learning the circuit’s corners or going too many laps around the track can be exhausting and cause the driver to get tired and confused.

The idea is to have an App in which you select the track you will visit (maps of the tracks could be available online to download). This app would have a section in which it would show the best trajectory around the track, having a “zoom in” for each curve, showing the best apex through the curve. The objective would be for the user to review the track he will visit before the drive starts, allowing them to picture their laps before they actually start driving.

The App will allow the driver to select, and/or download if necessary the map of the track in which he/she will drive in

                     Monaco Grand Prix Racing Simulation 2 -

Once the driver selects the desired track, the app would show the track’s map and the best apex for each curve. This would allow th...