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Publication Date: 2017-Feb-01
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Abstract: An overlapping passively actuated split winglet for an aircraft is described.

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1 TECHNICAL FIELD One or two sentences which define the technical field to which the invention relates. Name projects or products in which its use would be possible and appropriate. The invention lies in the field of aerodynamic wing design 2 PRIOR ART What is already known in the field of your invention. Give a brief description of the closest known technical solutions. Mention disadvantages of these solutions that the invention is intended to eliminate. Wing tips of different topologies –also the proposed topology- exist. Folding wing(tip)s exist, but they are actively moved (actuators) In case of this invention, the movement of the device is passive: up via Aerodynamics, down by gravitational force. 3 OBJECT AND ADVANTAGE OF YOUR INVENTION Describe the purpose and the technical, economical or other advantages / benefits / effects of your invention as compared to the known solutions. An increase of wing span beyond the limitation of the airport gate is beneficial for fuel burn (see Boeing 777X), but is complex, costly and heavy, when actively actuated. Achieving a reliable solution can be costly. It is questionable, whether an active solution can be as reliable as a passive solution. 4 SUMMARY OF YOUR INVENTION Describe what your invention is and does. Summarise how it works. Describe at least on embodiment including its technical features of your invention demonstrating its advantages / benefits / effects. Use drawings, diagrams, measurement records to illustrate your invention, whereby

Technical means: Describe any arrangement / device / apparatus in respect of its design and subsequently its mode of action.

Methods: Describe any method/process / procedure by listing the individual steps and stating the order in which they are t...