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Sampling Device with a Double Thumb Pad Disclosure Number: IPCOM000249079D
Publication Date: 2017-Feb-01
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The sampling device contains a double finger/thumb pad that a user can grip to actuate the sampling mechanism (such as a needle or movable plug) in the sampler device when taking a sample. It may be used with a single sample taking or a multiple sample taking device. As shown in Figure 4, it may optionally have a pawl or extension (A) at or near the top of the pad that interacts with a detent or ledge (B) formed on the outer surface of the sampler to lock the sampling mechanism in place to avoid accidental actuations. Such a pad can be used on various sampling devices such as the NovaSeptum® device from EMD Millipore Corporation, the TAKEone® system from AllPure Inc and the Sta-Pure™ system from W.L. Gore & Associates.

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