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Using Insufflation to Unclog a Harmonic Frasping Device Disclosure Number: IPCOM000249114D
Publication Date: 2017-Feb-07
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A Frasping and Aspirating device uses suction, irrigation, and harmonic energy to remove tissue surrounding major vessels in the liver. The harmonic energy breaks the tissue apart and the irrigation dilutes the blood and tissue while the suction removes the tissue. Occasionally the suctioned tissue may clog up the suction tube, which may lead to a long delay before using the device again while the blockage is manually removed. If the operating room contains insufflation, commonly used for laparoscopic surgery, then the clog may be blown out using this air source.

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Using Insufflation to Unclog a Harmonic Frasping Device 


A Frasping and Aspirating device uses suction, irrigation, and harmonic energy to remove tissue surrounding major  vessels in the liver.  The harmonic energy breaks the tissue apart and the irrigation dilutes the blood and tissue while the  suction removes the tissue.  Occasionally the suctioned tissue may clog up the suction tube, which may lead to a long  delay before using the device again while the blockage is manually removed.  If the operating room contains insufflation,  commonly used for laparoscopic surgery, then the clog may be blown out using this air source.   


In order to clear out a blockage in the frasping device suction tube a manual or electrical 2‐way valve could be  connected to the insufflation line, the suction canister, and the frasping device suction port.  When a blockage is  detected the user could remove the device from the patient, hold it over a waste pan, and then purge the suction tube  with the insufflation air by activating the 2‐way valve to switch from suction to pressurized air.  The valve may be a  separate part down the line from the device or integrated into the handle of the device where activating a control would  switch the valve.  This method would allow quick, easy, and non‐damaging clearing of the device with a pressurized air  source already available in most operating rooms.   



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