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Method for unlocking a locked mobile deviced when pattern,password,registered email id ,its password and all other method of unlocking fails based on users mobile usage pattern Disclosure Number: IPCOM000249143D
Publication Date: 2017-Feb-08
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Most of the people of India and most part of the world uses the mobile device which usually require the person to have a person email id for their identification and application usage. The devices like android,windows and apple has this requirement. These people for sake of setup create a ID with the help of someone and when everything is setup,they usually forget both ID and password. This can happen with anyone but usually people who don't use email falls under this category. For security purposes mobile devices have features like pattern lock, password lock and in case of mobile is locked the same can be unlocked by using the registered email id. The feature here proposes a method of unlocking the locked device based on the usage pattern and people connections which will unique with each individual Each user of a mobile device has its own usage pattern of the mobile device. They call different people at different time, they talk to one person more than other, they watch different videos on you tube than other, they play games at different time, they have different apps, they have games apps installed, they have different hidden apps, their search on browser is different. from Keyboard to language each individual uses their mobile devices in a different way. The method here proposes the use of these pattern to recover a locked device. The answer of these questions can only be known to person who has used it recently and it will help them to recover the phone without factory reset.

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Method for unlocking a locked mobile deviced when pattern ,password,registered email id ,its password and all other method of unlocking fails based on users mobile usage pattern

When the mobile device is locked because of wrong pattern, password and the user is not able to remember his userid and password ( the registered userid or password ), the user will be presented with a set of questions based on the app usage history of the phone. The questions can only be know to the person who was using the phone and hence when the user is able to answer the question correctly ,he will be able to unlock the phone without losing any data while doing factory reset.

Below are detailed description for this process works.

System diagram-1

The system comprises of the following

1) Stand-alone devices which include the mobile,computer. These are the devices to which user has access physically. 2) Service server : The sites like Facebook, photo editing . They are also require to protect the user data . 3) Client : A small program which will continuously collect the data at a regular interval and sends the data to the Machine learning server for forming the question and their answers. The questions will be continuously updated and the made available to the mobile device and the online application for use when the account/device is locked. 4) Server : the server will run the machine learning algorithm to find the pattern in the application usage and form relevant questions which are later se...