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Method for unlocking a device based on text message send to one of the three most easily reachable contact

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000249145D
Publication Date: 2017-Feb-08
Document File: 2 page(s) / 22K

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The disclosed system and method for recovering a locked mobile when all the existing method of recovery has failed. The method recovers the mobile without doing any factory reset or loss of data.

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Method for unlocking a device based on text message send to one of the three most easily reachable contact


Millions and Billions of users around the world use the mobile device and for the security purpose mobile locking facility is present to prevent a different user from taking advantage from the mobile. But if the pattern that was used to unlock the device is lost and after multiple retries the device has to be recovered using the existing recovery emails .There are two problems here a) The device has to have an active internet b) The user should know the login details which is used to register the mobile in order to recover the phone. In the absence of any of the above two, the only method left is to factory reset the phone which reset all applications and the user data and after reset it is like using a new phone again with all the personalization lost. The solution which we are providing will eliminate the above mentioned two drawbacks and will help the user to recover the phone without any data loss.

Existing solution

Recovery using Email : Not possible if the user cannot be connected to the internet or if the user forgot his login details. Factory Resets : Will cause the loss of data and personalization the user has done in the period he/she was using the phone.

Need for a new solution

With the limitations present in the above recovery methods there is a requirement for a method of unlocking the cell phone where the user don’t want to do factory reset and only the user of the mobile can unlock the device without any troubles. When user forgot the unlocking info for his device and wants to unlock the device, he will get the set of most used contacts in the phone with an option to send a passcode to one of the user saying that the device is locked and the receiver help require to unlock the device. The message will mention that the sender's device may be stolen, so please confirm the same from the sender. Once receiver confirmed that device is really locked in the sender's en...