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Metadata of actions to be stored and searched while searching for base data existing in the form of mail, files, chat transcripts, calendars Disclosure Number: IPCOM000249146D
Publication Date: 2017-Feb-08
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Disclosed is a mechanism to capture the metadata using video, audio during an activity. And use this metadata to search any activity or file. The metadata around the activity is updated, so that latest or historical metadata can use used for searching that activity or file.

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Metadata of actions to be stored and searched while searching for base data existing in the form of mail, files, chat transcripts, calendars

Background of the idea :

In today's world whenever one talks of a system he talks of its storage capacity. Even the lightest of devices as smart phones have memory space in few GB. The prime reason for this is that data is present in huge volumes and in multiple forms as mails, chat transcripts, files, calendars.

While searching for any data, if one remembers the exact information like file name, date, sender, etc, we can easily identify that data. But the real challenge arises when we need to search for the data wherein we do not remember this precise information.

Here an intelligent mechanism is proposed to be able to capture additional metadata for any data piece and provide an ability to analyze that metadata information to help with a refined set of the searched data.

Brief about the idea:

Invention proposes a mechanism to be able to capture additional metadata using video, audio and text media during an activity and save it linked with that activity data. When a user wants to search for that data he has the option to search based on the metadata stored and does not need to remember the specific filter criteria.

Novelty Points:

Identification of an activity and in parallel identifying the additional metadata happening at the occurrence of that activity. Storing that metadata linked to that activity data. Providing a search capability for the user to be able to search using just the metadata related around that activity.


Smart devices, computers just not be dumb terminals witnessing the things happening around them, but capturing them in reference to the activity data a person doing at that point in time.

Smart devices, computers to be able to assist in searching when we do not remember the exact content, rather that looking at us.

Implementation Description :

Camera and voice recorders would be installed in the organization premises to capture people and their discussions. Whenever an activity like saving a file, editing a file, opening a file, opening a ma...