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Method of Smart Message Notification for Mobile Device Disclosure Number: IPCOM000249157D
Publication Date: 2017-Feb-08
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This invention presents a smart message notification mechanism. It can eliminate the unnecessary disturbance to user. When the cell phone detects the user is in a situation that is not suitable to answer the message, it can automatically turn off the message notification for a period of time, and resume it after some times, which is configurable by user.

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Method of Smart Message Notification for Mobile Device

Smart phone has become widely used in people's life, one of the important usages is that users use it to communicate with friends. This kind of application allows users to receive messages from a directly person or a group, when the messages arrive, users will get a notification, sometimes it's a ring tone and sometimes it's vibration. Imaging that there are many incoming messages and the user happened to be in a situation that is not suitable to check on those messages, but the messages keep coming in and eventually lead to the dead of phone battery. This disclosure proposes a method to fix this issue by a smart message notification mechanism. In this disclosure, the application will check whether user response to the coming message by intelligent monitoring. 
If the user does not response it, the application system will set a short time mute for current active thread according to the user settings
 . When the user responds to the message or the set time arrives , the normal acceptance message state will restore
 . This is a method for message application in mobile devices. When the client side receive a message, firstly, will check if the feature_on is open

or not, if no, will return, if yes, will check if the mute_on is Yes for special group or person. If the mute_on was set Yes and the specific screen is

not in active state, the system will check if client side has started record the information before, if the syst...