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Method and framework to monitor learning to master selected stroke on the ground and help improvise continuously as a coach Disclosure Number: IPCOM000249158D
Publication Date: 2017-Feb-08
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Method and framework to master any selected stroke, to be played by the sportsman (Sports involving bat/ racket and a ball) based on pace and direction of the ball delivered by other player or a machine. The system provides capability to capture and monitor Body posture, Position relative to the crease, Feet position, Hand position, Bat position (Face and angle), Point of contact and Eye Direction on multiple stages of executing the stroke (e.g Pre Stage, Start, Execute, Finish and post stage). The input received during the pre-match training is compared against the model values to suggest tweaks to these attributes to aim best performance.

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Method and framework to monitor learning to master selected stroke on the ground and help improvise continuously as a coach

Method and framework to master any selected stroke, to be played by the sportsman) based  on pace and direction of the ball delivered by other player or a machine. The system provides  capability to  capture and monitor Body posture, Position relative to the crease, Feet position,  Hand position, Bat position (Face and angle), Point of contact and Eye Direction on multiple  stages of executing the stroke (e.g Pre Stage, Start, Execute, Finish and post stage). The input  received during the pre‐match training is compared against the model values to suggest tweaks  to these attributes to aim best performance.

Key Features of Proposed mehod

Feature #1 – A system comprising of method and framework to help player choose the best  stroke style once the data is analyzed and compared. Model data inputs are derived through  calculation of maximum performance stroke for multiple patterns of ball’s pace and direction.

Feature #2 ‐ Using the framework mentioned in claim 1, selection of best shot through placing  the bat at the recommended height (Bat position) shall significantly increase the chances of  scoring a boundary.

 Feature #3 ‐ Using the framework mentioned in claim 1, player can prepare to play the  recommended shot by placing the foot front or back (Feet position) at a recommended Position  (e.g. distance from the wicket in case of cricket). 

Feature #4 ‐ Using the framework mentioned in claim 1, position of face of the bat (Bat  position) can be predetermined based on recommendation made by the system to play that  stroke style.

Feature #5 ‐ Using the framework mentioned in claim 1, the player can work to exhibit the best  body posture as recommended by the system to play that stroke style.

 Feature #6 ‐ Using the framework mentioned in claim 1, the stride length (e.g.position relative  to the crease for cricket) can be recommended by the system based on analysis and  comparison against the model distance.

Feature #7 – Using the framework mentioned in claim 1, knee position input can allow the  batsman prepare and execute the stroke style recommended by the system.

Feature #8 – Using the framework mentioned in claim 1, elbow position input can allow the 


batsman prepare and execute the stroke style recommended by the system.

Feature #9 – Using the framework mentioned in claim 1, wrist movement input can allow the  bats...