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System & method for Cognitive based Shoe Recommendation Disclosure Number: IPCOM000249178D
Publication Date: 2017-Feb-08
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Disclosed is a computer implemented method where a consumer is guided in a store to footwear which fits his foot size & shape. Disclosed Method is big data & cognitive based which provides recommendation to the customer based on his profile (foot size including medical conditions)

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System & method for Cognitive based Shoe Recommendation

Background The emerging trends in the field of Insights based actions, cognitive computing has increased the expectations of the customers not only for personalized treatments but faster time to serve them. One such industry is personal wearables example foot wears. Currently consumers browse through display of shoes in racks in a store and then try on the chosen shoes for fit. However, many consumers do not find the shoes in their size or the shoe might be available in their size, however the shoe does not cater to the width of the feet or to the foot type (Over pronation, Under Pronation). This leads to disappointment and the process is time consuming. The current method also needs continuous support of the store executives. Problem with the online channel is though we can check the availability of the shoe based on the size chart but comfort of the shoes is not guaranteed. When an existing or new customer walks onto a store he may want recommendations to fit his expectations which enable him to just filter the searches to reduce the procurement time. Disclosed method includes a cognitive method which detects the customer’s presence and automatically displays the size, brand and other to suit him. The cognitive apparatus possesses the ability to remember his age or other medical factors and propose the appropriate footwear. The cognitive apparatus will communicate to the relevant items placed in intelligent racks which in turn will display the relevant visual or audio fitment notification alarms. The framework can be extended to other industries like garment and personal items

Salient Features of the disclosed method 1. A computer implemented method where a consumer is guided in a store to footwear which fit his/her foot size and shape 2. Big data & Cognitive based solution which provides recommendation to the customer based on his size as well as his profile (including medical). Cognitive based recommendation system for doing following: Making system learn not only from individual customers and apply the learning to not only that customer instead learn from all the customers and then synthesize the learning to help individual customers choose the right product. For example, suppose one person had corn in his feet and the selected item was liked by him very much then system will understand it and then could provide the similar product to person with similar issues or looking for similar comfort. 3. Process of automated shoe recommendation @ retail store including matching of the scanned 3 dimension of the person's foot size matching it with the product inventory, checking the person's profile, medical history if any & recommending suitable shoes & then highlighting the racks with the recommended shoes. 4. It also takes into account while recommending a) upcoming social events data b) upcoming weather conditions

Disclosed method provides - [1] Ability to identify the customer location...