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Integrated & Optimized design approach for Large Data centers. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000249182D
Publication Date: 2017-Feb-08
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Disclosed is an integrated & optimized design approach for large sized data center projects spread across multiple modules and multiple floors. The integrated approach proposed using an appropriate tool would help for the accurate Power calculation for the data center with ability to size the main equipments as well as the sub distribution level equipments.

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Integrated & Optimized design approach for Large Data centers .

Integrated approach: The concept The common approach for the data center designs (power system and cooling system) are by using calculators available in the market provided by data center product suppliers and support vendors. Most of these estimating tools are formulated using the rule of thumb with an approximate percentage earmarked for various sub items. Integrated design approach with extensive detailing to calculate the total power and the sub-distribution power helps to size the various capacity components with separation of critical and non-critical power.

Accurate Power calculation for the data center (Total power and the sub distribution power) is critical for the right sizing of the data center equipment which in turn decides the TCO (Total cost of ownership) of the data center. Since the Data center power is a combination of Electrical systems supporting IT equipment and the cooling system helping to maintain the cooling requirement, it is necessary to have an integrated approach to calculate the total power. Accurate sizing also will help to manage the data center operational efficiency improving the PUE (power usage effectiveness).

Further, in most cases, detailed design for power calculation and detailed design for cooling calculation is done separately. Such design approach may lead to omissions and errors in the total power calculated. This integrated approach address all these issues where in both electrical system power and cooling system power need to be worked together with checks and measures for accuracy with separation of critical and non-critical power. An integrated tool approach facilitates both the electrical and HVAC (heating ventilation and air-conditioning) designers to work together to reduce such omission and errors.

It is also critical for efficient power design to have critical power and noncritical power segregated and calculated separately as it will have a major impact in the CAPEX (capital expenditure) spent on the data center infrastructure.

Recommended Core structure for integrated design approach and support tool: The most important step for the data center power system design is to accurately capture and provide input data on the following information:

1. Rack power density with variations if any 2. Number of racks with the rack size and usage details 3. The approximate area of the module 4. Details of Data center space and number of modules planned. 5. Number of floors the data center is spread across 6. The proposed location of UPS (uninterruptible power supply) rooms, Chiller rooms, main

electrical system and its areas and sub electrical system locations etc. 7. The segregation details of the critical and non-critical power. 8. Provision to absorb the climatic condition and data in the designs

The integrated design approach with support tool shall be able to ta...