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Cognitive Interview Disclosure Number: IPCOM000249189D
Publication Date: 2017-Feb-09
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Virtual Smart Interviewer - VSI Disclosed is a system, Virtual Smart Interviewer (VSI), that enables conducting virtual interviews. VSI uses a Knowledge Bank with a rule engine that can dynamically select the subsequent questions. VSI helps reduce human interventions, person dependence and perception bias. VSI provides recommendations based on the analysis of interviewee’s responses. Interviewee’s confidence level, psychological and behavioral traits and intent of the response are analyzed to provide recommendations. It also includes interviewee’s suitability and competency aspects.

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Cognitive Interview

Figure 1


Disclosed is a system, Virtual Smart Interviewer – VSI, that helps conduct virtual interviews and provides recommendation for interviewee’s suitability and competency aspects. It comprises of three modules, Knowledge Bank and Rule engine (dynamic selection of questions), Response Analysis Engine (analyze the responses using audio, video data), and Recommendations Engine (provide recommendations on interviewee’s confidence level, proficiency, psychological and behavioral traits).


Figure 2

Design Knowledge Bank and Rule Engine In the proposed system, a Knowledge Rule Engine is prepared. This comprises of Knowledge Bank and a programmed logic. Questions are preloaded with programmed logic for sequencing the questions in knowledge bank. The difficulty levels of the questions and sequence to next question is designed in the program. Possible answers to these questions are captured as part of Knowledge Bank. The rules are defined in the Knowledge Rule Engine, to dynamically select next questions based on the difficulty level of the earlier question with a successful answer.

Figure 3


Interview Process Virtual Smart Interviewer (VSI) references the Knowledge Bank and presents the questions to interviewee. VSI captures the responses. The responses are dynamically analyzed to capture the interviewee’s ability. Based on the difficulty level of the question upon a successful answer, the Knowledge Rule Engine dynamically selects the next question.

Figure 4

Results / Recommendations At end of the interview, a thorough analysis of the interviewee’s responses is performed. The Knowledge Rule Engine processes the questions asked based on the difficulty level to indicate interviewee’s suitability and competency. Some Cognitive Analysis APIs such as Tone Analyzer, Personality Insights are used to get a statistical reference...