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System and Method of displaying identified mails in a box with a identified set of animation Disclosure Number: IPCOM000249190D
Publication Date: 2017-Feb-09
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We are proposing an article of an intuitive mail system where the mails would be displayed in an animated way so that it does not go un-noticed. The originator, sends the mail with the desired animations, choosing its pre-identified tags. The receiver's mail subsystem identifies the tags and displays the mail in the animated way as set by the originator. In-case of the reminder mails, the subsystem should be able to identify it as a repetitive mail and set the animation as per the predefined tags. The animation effect points us that the action needs to be taken and once the animation stops, we assume it is completed. This would be beneficial in cases, where the mails are sent to multiple recipients but the action is required by any one of the recipients. On completion of the action by any one of the recipients, the animation will be stopped for that mail, in all the recipients in-box.

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System and Method of displaying identified mails in a box with a identified set of animation

Many a times, set of emails in a mail box go unnoticed if the person not paid attention to those mails. For example:

"Action Required from an individual"

Further examples like. (a) Password reset of a specific account, (b) Updating a specific software on the system, (c) Specific Project related action from the individual.

"Mails require immediate attention from anyone in a set of people" Further examples like.. (a) A complaint mail is received by a customer service group. (b) A HOT defect is opened for a particular component, All the responsible people would receive the same mail.

Current solutions to the above mentioned problems, is to send a multiple reminder mails, And which again can go unnoticed , Again the same process can repeat further.

Clearly there is a need for specific way to address this issue . We are proposing a novel system and method to address this specific issue.

feature 1: The Core feature of our article is Mail subsystem at each individual client detects such mails automatically and displays those mails in a specific animated fashion Example of animation included: " Displaying those mails in a catchy scrolling rotating fashion" " Displaying those mails in a background HOT HOT flames "

Example: ____________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________

ed:Reset the GSA" ------- "Action Required: Reset the GSA" --------""Action Required: Reset the GSA"-----"Action Require...