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System and Method for Pluggable Cognitive Voice Based Navigation Disclosure Number: IPCOM000249195D
Publication Date: 2017-Feb-09
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System and Method for Pluggable Cognitive Voice Based Navigation – It’s a system which enables any web application with voice. It not only provides basic voice based command but also gives control to granular level using human language. This system also learns from the user experience and improves over the time.

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System and Method for Pluggable Cognitive Voice Based Navigation

System for enabling any application (e.g. Web application) navigation to be done using natural human language.

Proposal is to provide a solution which: 1. Gives voice control to the user navigating the application /using natural human

language. 2. Key is the pluggable nature of the module. Enable any existing application (e.g.,

web application) to be controlled by voice. 3. Learn the pattern of a user/persona and understand the human language given in

voice and perform task. To achieve this, there is an innovative way by web pages can be reverse engineer based on the text or UI or GUI and identify the lower than abstract level voice gestures to enable a user to go deep on on-demand basis and later learn the pattern based on user/persona to enable the voice command.

In today’s world where everything is getting voice and gesture controlled but there is no solution to enable voice control at more granular level where we need to further navigate into an application or module. Also, use of natural human language rather than pre-set commands is seldom available - if at all it is only at the abstract level and not applicable when we navigate inside. Also, often, we require the application changes for enabling it for voice control.

One example of it can be on world wide web: Still there is no way voice control the only thing we do the most when we use our web browser.

a) Can we do voice navigation on the web pages we browse using human language? b) Can we use natural language for web navigation? c) Can we identify the first result by using natural language and thereby going further in the information set that browser has provided as result of first command/natural language input?

This is getting more abstract so for description, we will use a use case of web pages which essentially can be applied to any application. To re-iterate the abstract information in context of web, key here is to:

a) Gives voice control to the user navigating the web pages /using natural language. b) Enable any existing web pages or web application to be controlled by voice. The

pluggable nature of the module. c) Learn the pattern of a user/persona and understand the short commands given in


Use case to understand: Browsing web by using voice commands in natural language (This easy


example is taken just for understanding but it will apply to any and all applications)

Problem Solved

Use case 1 - User wants to sit in front of their computer system and want to control the navigation of the web pages/applications by looking at the content displayed at the screen and by giving voice input in natural language. Here we are directly interacting with the UI by looking at it and controlling it by giving voice input. Solution provided - A system which would read a website/web application up front or while the user is using for creating a user persona of navigation flows and store them in the database. once the us...