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Analyzing the age, medical condition of the driver based on which setting in restricted controls and informing the guardians Disclosure Number: IPCOM000249196D
Publication Date: 2017-Feb-09
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Disclosed is a system for controlling the vehicle based on multiple factors (like age, capability to drive in specific regions or roads, etc). If any anomaly is observed with respect to the driver, administrator of the vehicle is informed to take control and set exceptions making the administrator accountable.

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Analyzing the age, medical condition of the driver based on which setting in restricted controls and informing the guardians

Background of the idea :

Now a days we see that adolescent children run with the vehicles belonging to their guardians for a thrilling drive. Here many a times the parents are not even aware of their this action, or the details of what they are doing.

Here an intelligent solution is needed for taking automated control based on the age determination of the person driving the vehicle. This automated control would allow only specific areas of the city wherein the vehicle could be driven and at governed speeds. Simultaneously an update would be sent to the guardians of that vehicle mentioning that who is driving the vehicle. If any exception is needed in regards to the monitored control pieces the guardian would be able to set an exception and the person driving would be able to leverage that exception.

Brief Description of the Idea :

Capturing the details of the people intending to drive a particular vehicle. Based on their age, health conditions filters would be set and guardians would be informed if the driver tries any exception.

The advantages of this approach are :

Accountability to be set to the administrator and guardians for the drivers of the car, in case of exception driving. Drivers would not be able to drive or drive only with the set restrictions.

Novelty Pieces:

Controlling vehicle driving based on the permissions set by the administrator. Alerting administrator of the extra people present in the car (with their age group), video or music being played with decibel level and mobile phone being used by the driver. For any driver driving outside the exceptions, guardians to be alerted and take control. Boards to display to the rest of the public is someone is driving beyond his capabilities.

Detailed Implementation:

Each vehicle would have a person identifier machine as in finger prints, retina scan. A database would be present to store this information relating to per person. The data stored against each person would be his name, date of birth, driving license number, medical conditions, guardians if any, etc. For this data certain members in the family would be marked as administrators, wherein they would be able to add, modify or delete records. With each record administrator would be able to set the maximum speed, areas of driving, time of driving. The records would be maintained to track the history of which administrator changed the rights of any individual. The vehicle would be having a glow sign board which would reflect the status of the driver that he is driving against the specified capabilities.

A road map would be stored in the DB. Here individual roads would be marked with categories as "Safe for new drivers", "Safe for learners", "Crowded Road experienced to Drive", "Fast Lanes experienced to Drive", etc. Based on these categories it would list wherein the individual on the driver seat is eligib...