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Function or System to hide the email content or part of email content from all recipients Disclosure Number: IPCOM000249201D
Publication Date: 2017-Feb-09
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Disclosed is a system to hide the Email Content or a Part of Email Content or private Note in Email Body from all recepients and remains visible to the Sender at any given point of time for the entire life-cycle of the Email

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Function or System to hide the email content or part of email content from all recipients

There are instances that the email sender wants to refer some information while drafting the email, but do not want intended recipients to view that information. Something like Meeting Notes, or other email, or product/process documents or any website information etc which sender referred while sending email, but do not want this information to be received by recipients of that email. For future reference, Sender would like to save that information which he/she referred while sending email.

There isno current solution whichprovidesthe facility to comment out the referenced material or some section of email which remains hidden from recipient/s and visible to sender ONLY. System and Function to comment certain part of the email content and make it hidden from all the recipients. Such hidden contents commented with certain special characters will only be visible to the sender and that can be used as a reference point.


1. Function mentioned above will be helpful in process compliance specifically when process related to certain functions are targeted to frequent changes

2. Sender will be benefited with the context or history of the emails sent previously 3. Sender will have all the reference points documented in the form of hidden comments in

same email thread for the life span of email thread or till the time email remains in the system

4. Hidden Comments from sender will work as a quick reference points in the long email chains

Features 1. The proposed system enables the sender to hide some part of email for all recipients. 2. The proposed system enables electronic messaging with sender specific notes where

the Private Note is transmitted along with the e-mail but remains hidden/not accessible for all the intended recipients. 3. The Private Note has ability to transmit with each recipients reply/forward email

message and at any point of time received by original sender, should be made visible to the sender so that Private Note remains inaccessible throughout the Lifecycle of the email irrespective of email domain to recipient/s.

4. Each and Every sender should have ability to create his/her Private Notes throughout the Lifecycle of email irrespective of forwa...