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Smart Water Dispensing mechnism for Smarter City Disclosure Number: IPCOM000249212D
Publication Date: 2017-Feb-10
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Disclosed is a mechnism for intelligent dispension of water based on the activity being performed. The dispension of water is controlled using past learnings of users and ensuring cleanliness of the objects being used.

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Smart Water Dispensing mechnism for Smarter City

Background of the solution :

In our current world we always talk of smart usage of water. The reason for this is simple that as population across the globe is expanding, fresh water resources are not able to cater to the need of all. To enable water usage management, people have come up with taps that have sensors attached. As these sensors sense a hand or something they dispense water else it stops. But it works on a similar technology that water comes till the tap is on.

Brief about the solution :

Here an intelligent mechanism is needed to analyze the need of water and then take action to dispense water in right quantity The summary of this invention is to analyze the activity being performed by each individual and then dispense water as per the activity by that individual. If it is observed that cleaning has not been done properly then dispense more water, alarm the user to clean, and finally escalate it to the administrator for manual intervention. Also based on analyses of user activity, system can decide to dispense other toiletries along with water say , a person got hurt then add some disinfectant liquid to the water which may be internally attached to water dispensing device or if particular type of utensil is placed under water dispensing device and it is clean then dispense drinking water instead of regular water or if person has his both hands together placed under water dispensing device , then dispense first soap and then regular water.

Key Points:

Using IOT to monitor the activity and then dispense water/toiletries as per the activity and the usage pattern of the person carrying out that activity. If activity is not done properly then try itself, else alarm the user and finally escalate it to the administrator. This would help in smart water management rather than depending on just dispensing water using hands and also will also lead to lifestyle enhancement.

Implementation Description :

IOT is setup in an infrastructure to collect and analyze data from embedded sensors or cameras on manufacturing equipment pipelines, weather stations, delivery trucks and other types of ma...