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To maintain the last copy(Ctrl+c) reference. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000249214D
Publication Date: 2017-Feb-10
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A method to maintain the last copy reference from the file in clipboard using a map reference between file and last copied text. When user works with multiple files and would like to keep remain the last copy reference respect to file, this method could be useful. This could be a simple system configuration based on that it could be enabled/disabled else default copy/paste feature will fall back to the system.

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To maintain the last copy(Ctrl+c) reference.

The problem is that when there are multiple files and we need to copy and paste some content of the file in the same file itself but we need to switch in between different file and need to do the same. In this case system will not hold the last copied reference across files, so we need to copy again and again to paste the content in the respective file.



1. Navigate to File A

2. Copy “Text A”

3. Paste in the same file and modify to “Text AX”

4. Navigate to File B

5. Copy “Text B”

6. Paste in the same file and modify to “Text BX”

7. Come back to File A

8. Paste the content, it will paste “Text B”, But I want “Text A”

System should have an option in copy settings about “mapping of copy content across files” enabled/disabled.

If enabled:

It should hold the last copy contents respect to file as default. That means if user navigate to “File A” after copied “Text B” in “File B”, it should paste “Text A” as that was the last content user copied in that file. User can see all other files mapping clip text as well (in paste special) and based on that he/she can choose the clip text to paste.

If disabled:


Current behavior, the last copied content from any file.

Solution: While enable the option "mapping of copy content across files" in system level (probably in control panel) , system should maintain the clipboard reference for the file. Below flow will explain the behavior.


1. Navigate to File A

2. Copy “Text A”