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Sponsored Online Shopping System (SOSS) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000249216D
Publication Date: 2017-Feb-10
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This method enable users, who do not have self-financial capabilities, to fund their shopping by connecting with users who can approve and fund their purchase. This method also defines a way, wherein financially dependent users can seek suggestion / feedback from financially independent users for their choice of items to be purchased.

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Sponsored Online Shopping System (SOSS)

In a circle (family/friends) not everyone has authority to take financial decision or has financial capability to make independent purchase. Sponsored Online Shopping System (SOSS) can automate the behavior, wherein, financially dependent members can be connected with one or more members who can authorize as well as fund the purchase.

Terminologies introduced: Circle: A group of online shopping members with roles as Sponsor/Sponsee. Collection : Collection is a group of similar items which will be mostly created by Sponsee to present the choices he/she may be interested in purchasing. A sponsor can also edit / update collection to give more options to sponsee.

Roles introduced: Sponsor : Sponsor needs to have financial independence so that he/she can fund self as well Sponsee’s purchase. Sponsor can act as a group administrator, where he/she can add members as well as assign/edit roles. Sponsee : Sponsee is a member with financial dependence on sponsor. He/she would require sponsor’s approval to make a purchase. Sponsee can create Collections and seek suggestion for the choice of similar products.

Sponsored Online Shopping System:

This Online Shopping solution is for an entire family/friend circle where a member can be either a sponsor or sponsee.

a) Sponsee can browse, select and add the products into shopping cart and seek sponsor's approval/funding. The sponsee's shopping cart is shared with his/her sponsors. One or more funding m...