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Location based Internet browser content to improve productivity and organisation of information Disclosure Number: IPCOM000249219D
Publication Date: 2017-Feb-10
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This publication details a system for a smart and automated bookmarking, password management, search history and suggestions in web browsers using location profiles. This would allow users to use the same device in different settings such as work and home, and have seamless loading of relevant and useful profile information into the browser.

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Location based Internet browser content to improve productivity and organisation of information

People use web browsers in a variety of professions and often times have favourite options. These browsers offer a sign-in option, which synchronizes data such as browsing history, bookmarks, stored passwords and more between all browser sessions. When moving between locations for different purposes, such as home and work, one's physical environment and context changes. The information / data that they interact with is different; when they are at work they seldom care to be exposed to content from the home location, and vice versa.

The proposed system allows the creation and configuration of location profiles to organize browser content (i.e. bookmarks, passwords, search history). This is advantageous over the current state of the art in several aspects:

1. It maintains the convenience of having a quick access Bookmarks Toolbar by preventing folder hierarchies that are difficult to navigate, and removes unnecessary clutter. Furthermore it will reduce the available options to those which have genuine use at a specific location e.g. whilst on a private intranet, addresses accessible on the intranet will become available as they are relevant, and once disconnected in a different location, these bookmarks will no longer clutter the Bookmarks Toolbar. Consequently the Bookmarks Toolbar becomes more appropriately organized as a result of the invention and thus increases productivity over the current art.

2. It provides a smart way to manage between different password groups, e.g. work and home. For instance it can be common for someone to hold a social networking account for both their work (for advertising, media etc.) and for their own home/personal life. Unlike the some browser personas, this invention seamlessly manages and swaps between passwords depending on the location profile, meaning that the user doesn't have to scroll through and pick which account they wish to use every time, as it is already entered by default for that location.

3. It provides an organized and more efficient way to manage browser history. With the default history being set by the location profile the user can easily find the links that are relevant. Say the user is at work, it ensures that the websites that they visited at the end of the shift the day before are at the top of the list and easy to find, opposed to be hidden/obscured below links looked at whilst at home. Having the other links accessible on a separate tab but also ordered by location also gives another layer of ease for the user, as it is easier to find a link by remembering where you were when you last visited it.

4. It results in a more efficient URL search for the user. Overview of proposed method: (Please refer to the Figure)

1. User is authenticated to a network, either via Ethernet or Wi-Fi. 2. User opens the browser and the program runs in the background,

checking the details of the network connection....