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System to Enable Efficient Access to Reusable Knowledge

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000249302D
Publication Date: 2017-Feb-16
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Disclosed is a system that enables efficient access to reusable knowledge that is stored in a journaling system. To complete a task, meet a goal, or solve a problem, a user can query the system for the most current and accurate information as well as provide feedback on, and add information to, the material.

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System to Enable Efficient Access to Reusable Knowledge

Users often refer to workflow documents or sets of instructions to learn and perform a new task or solve a problem. At times, the documented steps are out of date, do not reflect protocol changes, or no longer meet the desired goal; however, there is no current method that immediately makes the new user aware that updated information exists. The user does not know that a current problem already has a solution, and wastes time researching solutions. Because information is not efficiently shared, costly and unnecessary support calls occur and efforts may duplicate previous work. Overall, this is a manual and error-prone process.

Enabling art provides workflow tracking and change management/assistance but assumes the user already knows with which workflow to begin. Workflows are saved but not efficiently searchable, shared, or ranked based on applicability, recent success/failure, and user feedback. Other art can automate existing workflows and allow for customization and creation of new workflows.

A method is needed that enables a user to quickly determine the most current, accurate, and efficient steps to perform the task or solve a problem.

The novel contribution is a system that enables efficient access to reusable knowledge. Assuming that a journaling system records users' workflows, the novel solution is to use an indexed database to store all of the workflow journaling output and allow a user to search for workflows that (partially) match the task(s) a user must accomplish. The novel system ranks search results by applicability to the current task and a measure of recent success.

The core novelty includes the following system capabilities: · Enabling keyword full/partial search for suggested workflows · Enabling searching, suggestions, feedback, etc. · Determining applicability of workflow based on search terms and/or prior

success · Enabling user to provide feedback indicating initial failure and resulting

success with new workflow · Enabling user and/or system to provide overall and/or partial success/failure

rate · Enabling user to add custom steps to achieve success · Noting date of last success/failure

Users provide feedback by indicating whether the suggested workflow was successful and whether any changes were necessary. The system applies this feedback to update the ranking of the workload and ensure the steps are accurate and current. The combination of ranked search results a...