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Acoustic notification system for IT or other equipment Disclosure Number: IPCOM000249307D
Publication Date: 2017-Feb-16
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An acoustic notification system for IT or other equipment is disclosed.

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Acoustic notification system for IT or other equipment

Disclosed is an acoustic notification system for IT or other equipment. With today's IT equipment reaching noise hazard acoustical levels, it is desirable to report in real time when a single piece of equipment or a network of interconnected equipment is approaching or exceeding sound pressure levels that are considered hazardous.

Identifying when an acoustically varying environment reaches sound pressure levels high enough to be a noise hazard can easily be done with a microphone. However, speech privacy is a concern with a microphone that constantly monitors sound levels. Even if the microphone monitoring hardware and software is done such that speech privacy is ensured the very presence of the microphones may be viewed with suspicion and considered an intrusion on privacy. The disclosed method eliminates that concern.

Method: Generate an acoustical alert when operating conditions for equipment cause noise hazard acoustical levels based on available non-microphone sensor and configuration data eliminating the speech privacy concerns that occur with the use of microphones.

Various equipment sensors are monitored. Examples include fan rotations per minute (rpm), equipment vibration, altitude and others that provide an indicator of acoustical noise. The method combines this information with acoustical characterization data that has been collected for those parameters with system configuration information available from various sources such as Vital Product Data (VPD) and other configuration data to calculate an estimated noise level for the equipment being monitored.

That information is relayed to displays,...